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Revision as of 02:34, 28 September 2006 by Sherman (talk | contribs)

Logo suggestion

I'm wonderring if this would be a good "logo" to replace the "Set $wgLogo to the URL path to your own logo image" on the top left. I have a suggestion that we could have a mozilla logo (if that's approved, that is) in the background (faded) and have the words Mozilla@Seneca on top of the mozilla logo! What do you guys think??

- 12:29 Monday, 18 Sept 2006 (EST)    Liz Chak (elichak) ‎

It might be nice to have something that is Mozilla or OSS related. Off the top of my head I'm not sure what that would be though.

Yeah, that's what I thought so too.

Logo idea:

Mozilla logo (that is if that's approved) in the background (faded) and have the words Mozilla@Seneca floating on top of the mozilla logo

- 12:37 Monday, 18 Sept 2006 (EST)    Liz Chak (elichak)

I think that something with moz and seneca together would be most appropriate. It's great to have people active in this :).

- 13:34 Monday, 18 Sept 2006 (EST)    Tom Aratyn (mystic)

Who should we be asking for permission to use the Mozilla logo??

- 14:38 Monday, 18 Sept 2006 (EST)    Liz Chak (elichak)

- 2:41 Monday, 18 Sept 2006 (EST) dave -- you have to be careful with that. Paul Kim is the one to ask about it (

Someone should represent us to ask Paul Kim if we could use the logo. - 14:47 Monday, 18 Sept 2006 (EST)    Liz Chak (elichak)

I was thinking maybe we could come up with a logo using Seneca Sting "bee" and the Mozilla "Firefox". Assuming we get the respective permissions to use both logos. - 15:21 Monday, 18 Sept 2006 (EST)    Sherman Fernandes (sjfern)

Sherman, that is an idea. However, the Seneca Sting "bee" represents the Seneca Recreation Council. I don't know how relevant that logo would be for our case, but we could probably try to incorporate that with the mozilla logo (if we get permissions). It's too bad Seneca doesn't have a REAL logo. - 15:28 Monday, 18 Sept 2006 (EST)    Liz Chak (elichak)

I'm writing an email to request for permission to use the mozilla logo. - 09:30 Tuesday, 19 Sept 2006 (EST)    Liz Chak (elichak)

Liz, perhaps you should make a REAL logo for Seneca too. Wasn't there a contest for this sometime back? (or perhaps for the rec logo?) Mark D'Souza (mdsouza)

This is the email I received from Paul Kim (10:28 Sept 19 06 EST):

This is fine by me Elizabeth.


Feel free to submit some of your design for the logo!

- 10:49 Tuesday, 19 Sept 2006 (EST)    Liz Chak (elichak)

A logo Concept - A Photoshop Wizard I Am Not

Here's something I whipped up - you get the idea:


-3:23 Wednesday, 20 Sept 2006 (EST)    Dave Manley (seneManley)

That is so cool! It's hilarious! I like this! Let's hear from the other folks!

-15:44 Wednesday, 20 Sept 2006 (EST)    Elizabeth Chak (elichak)

Yup, this is pretty nice and funny. I say we use it!

-19:00 Thursday, 20 Sept 2006 (EST)    Mark D'Souza (mdsouza)

Awesome (dave)

My GIMP masterpiece


--Pcvitori 10:14, 22 September 2006 (EDT)

Nice.. im liking both of them. We need to setup a panel of judges!

--mylau 10:56, 22 September 2006 (EDT)

Wow, love this logo

This is for you Phill

 Transparent for current layout
 Transparent blue for your layout

MoeZilla & Seneca


Old seneca logo + Mozilla logo + transparency = 1337|\|355

We have a winner! (pstdenis)

Nice, but isnt that part of the rec. logo, not seneca? From what i remember, the seneca logo is just plain text with a red background.

--Pcvitori 09:43, 22 September 2006 (EDT)

Nevermind.. i was just told its the old logo. Good stuff!

--Pcvitori 09:45, 22 September 2006 (EDT)

Adding a Favicon

Just thought it would be cool to add a favicons for our wiki site that would display in the browser address bar when the page is visited and/or in the browser bookmarks menu.

Here are three 32x32 samples created based on the new wiki:

   -  Main wiki logo version.

   -  Transparent blue without text.

   -  Transparent with wrap around text.

Favicons may also have scrolling text and may even be animated. However, since the wiki only allows .PNG uploads I could not upload those samples.

- 03:27 Thursday, 28 Sept 2006 (EST)    Sherman Fernandes (sjfern)

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