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New Documentation Critique

  • In the REPORTS_DIR title, "Create extension_perf_reports in C:\mozilla\testing\performance\win32\" is not necessary.
  • There are two TS_URL titles in the documentation. The document should somehow tell the user that there are two TS_URL titles in the file.
  • In the Config file heading, it should tell the user to redirect to the right Firefox path.
  • Document should tell the user that by running the $ config.yaml would close any existing Firefox windows.
  • Document should tell the user what they should do after running the $ config.yaml command.

By: mylau


  • I am curious to know how far this python script is efficeint when we compare to the Mozilla Tinderbox Tests(PERL Scripts)! Can anybody highlight on the pros and cons of the both the scripts!!

sumanth krishna