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You guys should put a link to your patch here. (David.humphrey 19:09, 12 October 2006 (EDT))

I would like to help you out with this project. I'll look into it in the weekend. (Liz Chak 17:09, 29 November 2006 (EDT))

Distribution Failure Causes

Ok, so I've been wondering what could be causing these issues here's a weird thing: When trying to send the file over the network it doesn't seem to getting distributed right now (Using cl settings). I don't know why this is but with gcc it seems to get distrubted fine. I'll document more as I find out how and why this is happening

Themystic 00:30, 20 December 2006 (EST)

how to make several processes work together and how to reserve the debug information?

first, thanks a lot for the authors working with the distcc vc support;

I have two questions about distcc with vc support, thanks a lot!

1, how to make several threads working together?

I have already use the distcc with MSVC on the windows with the support of CygWin; but now, I only can make the whole project with single thread, when I assign the -jN opition to gnu make, a error occurs: sth about vc60.idb file can't be accessed, maybe the cl.exe will used this file when compile a c file, when several threads works concurrently they want to open the file, but the file can't be opened by more than one users for writing purpose.

I use vc60, and export the projects mkfiles, and modified the nmake makefile to gnu's make file. and want to use the -jN opition , but failed.

2, how to dealwith the pdb file? Can the distcc maintain the debug informations when distributing the compile task?

When I get a exe file generated by the distcc tools, can I use the vc IDE to debug the exe? just like debug the exe which generated on the localhost?

Did someone has some method to resolve this problem? thanks!