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This is a historical page.
Please see for the current version of this page.

Are you teaching a course in open source software development? Are you in an Open Source community or business that is willing to support the teaching of community open source development practices? Join the Roll Call!

See also the main TOS Consortium Discussion.


There are more and more professors teaching open source every day.

There are also more and more professors who would like to teach open source, but don't have the experience, the know-how, or the resources to do so. Not only that, but they don't have any models to follow.

Our simple goal here is to collect a directory of professors and others who are successfully teaching the practice of open source software development to their students. It's a small but vitally important first step.

To join the roll call, please create an account, edit the wiki, and add your name, your institution, your contact information, and whatever information you believe to be relevant about your work.

P.S. If you're wondering whether you belong on this list, you almost certainly do.  :)

Professors (alphabetical)

  • Ian! D. Allen (idallen) - community college professor of Linux/networking at Algonquin College, School of Advanced Technology in Ottawa. See also all my course notes (Creative Commons licenses) on
  • Lewis Barnett. lbarnett at richmond dot edu - professor at University of Richmond, working on a One Laptop Per Child project in a junior/senior level software engineering course.
  • Tim Budd (Timbudd) budd at eecs dot oregonstate dot edu - associate professor of Computer Science at Oregon State University
  • Rob Cameron. cameron at cs dot sfu dot ca - professor at Simon Fraser University, convenor of Centre for Open Software Technology and Applications Research
  • Heidi Ellis (Heidiellid) heidi.ellis at trinity dot edu - visiting assistant professor at Trinity College (Hartford) PI on the NSF-CCLI SoftHum grant for the development of course-level support for involving students in Humanitarian FOSS
  • Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona (jgb) jgb at gsyc dot es - professor at GSyC/LibreSoft group, in the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
  • David Humphrey (humph) david.humphrey at senecac dot on dot ca - professor at Seneca, Mozilla Foundation Educational Liaison
  • Gregory Kesden (gkesden) gregory.kesden at cmu dot edu - teaching faculty at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Andrew Ross. osbootcamp at gmail dot org - instructor at Carleton University also founded
  • Andreas Meiszner ( – I am working together with Ioannis Stamelos (see below) where we currently try to apply some of the lessons learnt from open source communities within an (open of course) educational context. Actually, I am not a Professor, but a research fellow at the Open University's Institute of Educational Technologies.
  • Pamela Samuelson. pam at ischool dot berkeley dot edu - professor at UC Berkeley in law and information - Infosys 296A section 2: Open Source Development & Distribution of Digital Info: Economic, Legal & Social Perspectives
  • Ioannis Stamelos. stamelos at csd dot auth dot gr - associate professor at the Department of Informatics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, teaching Introduction to Software Engineering, Object Oriented Analysis and Enterprise Information Systems by asking students to be actively involved in FLOSS projects as part of their practical assignment.
  • Chris Tyler (ctyler) chris.tyler at senecac dot on dot ca - professor at Seneca, Fedora contributor and board member
  • Channy Yun at channy at gmail dot com - associate professor at Cheju National University

Open Source Community and Business Members

  • Greg DeKoenigsberg. gdk at redhat dot com. I'm not a professor, but I know a lot of professors, and someone's got to get the ball rolling, right?
  • William Cohen. wcohen at redhat dot com. I am a Red Hat employee. I also taught an graduate course on open source software development at North Carolina State University spring of 2008, csc591w. Material for the course are currently available at my Red Hat people page.
  • Jack Aboutboul. jack at redhat dot com. Member of Red Hat's Community Architecture team, specifically focusing on educational initiatives. Extremely interested and responsible for making this effort bear some fruit.
  • Gary Kwong. garyk86 at comp dot nus dot edu dot sg. I'm a Mozilla community member and student at National University of Singapore, went for a Mozilla internship in the second half of my freshman year. Now in my second year, I am teaching a Mozilla course CS3108 at NUS.
  • Joe Smith smith237 at mail dot chapman dot edu. I'm President of the Chapman University ACM in Orange, California. I've done a lot to push Open Source at my school, and hope to take it much further within the next two years.
  • Alexandro Colorado User:Jza jza at openoffice dot org. Community lead of the Spanish and member of the Education Project at Resides in Villahermosa Mexico and is a long time contributor to the project.
  • Jason Orendorff. jorendorff at mozilla dot com. I'm a Mozilla employee interested in mentoring student projects.
  • Project Possibility - Events and programmes where students get to work on exciting Open Accessibility projects.
  • Schoolforge-UK UK community of people interested in Open Source in education.
  • OSS Watch JISC funded advisory service for UK Universities on use, development, and licensing of FOSS
  • Mike Shaver. shaver at mozilla dot com. Mozilla employee and honorary Senecan, interested in education of students and professionals alike.

Courses, master programs, etc.

  • MoLOS group for discussion about curricula for postgraduate studies on libre software (specially focused on the European Higher Education Space, but also interested in other contexts). Contact: Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona
  • Open Source Class for senior student at Computer Engineering of Cheju National University in Korea since 2007.
  • Seneca Open Source Courses - Professional option courses in the BSD (Bachellor of Software Development) and CPA/CTY (programming and computer technology diploma) programs. Students work within the Mozilla,, Fedora, and other communities during these courses. Courses include Open Source Development/Topics in Open Source DPS909/OSD600 and the continuation course DPS911/OSD700 and Software Build and Release SBR600.