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Student List OOP344 20102

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OOP344 Student List for Summer of 2010

It is strongly advised to first make sure the following are done before you add your name here:

  • You have a registered name for IRC; server.
  • You have a blog

Please add your information to the table below if you are a student in oop344, Winter of 2010.
If any of your blog, irc nick or group project page is not set yet, fill the cell with a "-".

If you are creating a new page on wiki, always start the name of the page with OOP344 unless you believe the page has content that can be useful for general public.

OOP344 - 2010 student list
First Name Last Name Team Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Alex Chung Team Name A acchung1 Acchung1 acchung1 My Blog
Han Kim HOTYS A hckim3 Hckim3 Han3 My Blog
KiJeong Kim HOTYS A kjkim kjkim TonyKim My Blog
Osman (Ozzy) Mirza HOTYS A OzZy OzZy OzZy_M My Blog
YuJin Jeong HOTYS A yjeong Takeiteasy - Spirit & Soul
Jason Quan Success A jquan4 Jquan4 JQuan My Blog
Aleh Pliats Success A apliats Apliats oleg_pliats Aleh Pliats
Irina Balzamova Success A ibalzamova
Matthew Schranz Success A mjschranz mjschranz mjschranz Matthew Schranz
Corey Angus The Crimson Coders A Corey Corey Angus Corey Angus Corey Angus
Christopher Gervasi-Missen The Crimson Coders A cgervasi-missen cgm87 cgm87 My Blog
Xiongwen Lu - A Xiongwen xlu44 xlu44 My Blog
Bhavanesh Patel - A Bhavanesh bapatel5 bhavanesh My Blog
Volodymyr Dryzhepolov ICANHAZCODE? A vdryzhepolov vladimir Vovko My Blog