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Student List OOP344 - 20101

Revision as of 01:14, 10 February 2010 by Tdao75 (talk | contribs) (OOP344 Student List for Winter of 2010)

OOP344 Student List for Winter of 2010

It is strongly advised to first make sure the following are done before you add your name here:

  • You have a registered name for IRC; server.
  • You have a blog

Please add your information to the table below if you are a student in oop344, Winter of 2010.
If any of your blog, irc nick or group project page is not set yet, fill the cell with a "-".
Make sure you insert your information sorted, based on your last name.

If you are creating a new page on wiki, always start the name of the page with OOP344 unless you believe the page has content that can be useful for general public.

OOP344 - 2010 student list
Name Last Name Team Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URl
Matthew Adams !YOU A mdadams1 mdadams1 MattAdams Blog
Sergey Aleinikov Code_Junkies A saleinikov Seal13 seal13 Sergey Aleinikov's Blog
Timothy Jordan Catibog !YOU A tjcatibog tjcatibog tjcatibog Blog
Senthil Raju Chandran Team Name A srchandr your_wiki_id - -
Sunny Chau Mighty Morphin Coding Rangers B schau5 Schau5 ScsC Blog
Wen Fang Chen A Team A wfchen wfchen wfchen Gwen's Blog
Christopher Gar-Parc Cheung Mighty Morphin Coding Rangers B cgcheung cgcheung Rocketpants Blog
Bryan Matthew Cohen Team Team B bmcohen bmcohen bmcohen blog
Matthew David Daniels !YOU A mddaniels mddaniels CDNPadawan Blog
Thanh Dao Team Name A tdao3 tdao3 tdao3 tdao's Blog
Edouard Davlatian Team Name A edavlatian your_wiki_id - -
Michael Grant Dawson - B mgdawson Dawson majorbludd
Felipe Mendes De Oliveira !YOU A fmdeoliveira fmdeoliveira fmDeOliveira
Arya Farzan Code_Junkies A afarzan2 afarzan2 Arya_farzan
David Horn Code_Junkies B dhorn1 dhorn1 F1Z blog
Dachuan Huang Mighty Morphin Coding Rangers B dhuang18 dhuang18 Da_Truth Blog
Anastasia John-Sandy Mighty Morphin Coding Rangers B ajohn-sandy ajohn-sandy annieJS Blogasaurus
Ashutosh Mukesh Khamar Team Name B amkhamar your_wiki_id - -
Taehoon Kim Team Team B tkim28 tkim28 hoongoon
Frenton Lee Team Name A flee8 flee8 flee8 -
Michael Lin [| Team Team ] A mlin25 mlin25 mlin25
Brendan Mcdorman Team Name B bmcdorman Bmcdorman Kuat Blog
Umar Mirza Team Team A umirza Umirza umirza85
Andrew M Misko Team !You A ammisko ammisko ammisko
Hsiu-Mei Mo A Team A hmo6 hmo6 hmo6
Or-El Mousaffi Code_Junkies A omousaffi Orel60 orel60 My Blog
Donna Abigail Oberes Mighty Morphin Coding Rangers B daoberes daoberes Donna_Oberes Blog
Brian Parreno Code_Junkies A bmparren Brian Parreno bmparren
Aleh Pliats Code_Junkies B apliats Apliats oleg_pliats Aleh Pliats
Mubashir Raziq Team Name B mraziq your_wiki_id - -
David Seifried Team Team B dseifried dseifried Jangalang Blog
Remington Selby Team Name A rselby rselby - Blog
Niki Simmalavong !YOU A nsimmalavong nsimmalavong nsimmalavong blog
Gamal Tawaf Code_Junkies B gtawaf gtawaf the_wonderer Gamal Tawaf
Wei Tong A Team A wtong1 wtong1 wtong1 Blog
Dan Ventura Code_Junkies A dsventura dsventura danman MyBlog
Chunxia Wang A Team A cxwang cxatseneca cxwang cxwang's Blog
Cong Wang Mighty Morphin Coding Rangers A cwang84 cwang84 cwang84 Blog
Huaxing Wang Team Name B hwang94 hwang94 Gtx Blog
Liang Wang A Team A lwang168 lwang lwang168 Blog
Lianhe Wang Team Name A lwang162 lwang162 lwang162 Blog
Shengwei Wang Mighty Morphin Coding Rangers A swang94 Shengwei Shengwei Blog
Yu Wang A Team A ywang268 lush ywang268 Blog
Amy Ward !YOU A amward1 amward1 award
Carolyn J Woodley Team Team B cwoodley1 CWoodley CWoodley Carolyn Woodley
Kai Xu A Team A kxu9 RedCool kxu9
Yong Xue Mighty Morphin Coding Rangers B yxue11 yxue11 yxue11
Shun Yao Zhang A Team A syzhang4 warcalling syzhang4 Shun yao zhang's Blog
Minoo Ziaei !YOU A mziaei1 Mziaei1 Minooz Blog