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OOP344 Student List for Fall of 2009

Please add your information to the table below if you are a student in oop344, fall of 2009.
If any of your blog, irc nick or group project page is not set yet, fill the cell with a "-".
Make sure you insert your information sorted, based on your last name.

If you are creating a new page on wiki, always start the name of the page with OOP344 unless you believe the page has content that can be useful for general public.

OOP344 student list
Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick Group wiki page My Contributions
Ahmed Szymon sahmed82 A szymonPL OOP344 Group 2 Open
Alexander Ryan rjalexander C tdot - Open
Alston Shawn saalston A - saalston - Open
An Suwon san C Blog mercedes13 - Open
Atijas Sasha satijas A Blog Sash040 - Open
Austerberry Eric erausterberry C ericausterberry - Open
Catibog Timothy tjcatibog C Blog tjcatibog - -
Chan Anton canton A [1] canton - -
Chen David jchen171 B qinzhi - open
Chen Terence tjchen A T.Chen's blog - - -
Chen Wen Fang wfchen C Gwen's Blog Gwen2009 - Open
Cho Ahreum acho14 A [2] acho14 - -
Cheung Jonathan jcheung23 C JonC's Blog JonHC - -
Cucereavii Diana dcucereavii A Diana's Blog DianaC OOP344 Group 2 Open
Daniels Matthew mddaniels B - - - Open
Dawson Michael mgdawson C - - - -
DeCairos Christopher cadecairos C ninethreenine - Open
Dell Eric eadell C Blog docsage - -
Desautels Carl cwdesautels A Blog [Carl89] - Open
Duan Haoliang hduan2 A Blog [rick_duan] - Open
Ecob Sergiu saecob A Blog - OOP344 Group 2 Open
Ferrara Brandon bferrara B [3] BrandonFerrara - Open
Galano Stefano sugalano B - Galano - -
Gorscak Ljubomir gljubomir A Ljubomir's Blog ljubo Team Funktion Open
Hackwood Tyler tjhackwood C Blog Auzix - Open
Hong Yong yhong17 B xDerick's Blog Yong_Clicker - Open]
Horn David dhorn1 B Blog F1Z - Open
Hughes Joseph jphughes B CloudScopion's Blog CloudScorpion - -
Johnson Ausley aljohnson1 B My Blog Ausley_Johnson - Open
Kamal-Al-Deen Hasan hkamal-al-deen B Orbital Station northWind87 - Open
Kim Taehoon tkim28 B Blog Hoongoon - Open]
Kumarshellah Armin Akumarshellah C Ak_oop3447 - -


Lim Keegan klim4 A Blog klim4 - Open
Lin Michael mlin25 A School blog mk_ln - -
Li Verity vzli B Blog cubicu OOP344_Team_Funktion Open
Mirza Umar umirza B Blog - - -
Mok Geoffrey gmok B Blog gmok - Open
Papagiannidis Denny dpapagia A Denny's Seneca Blog dennyp - Open
Parreno Brian bmparren C bmparren -
Pereira Chris capereir A Blog Cribby - -
Pezeshki Neda npezeshki C Blog neda - -
Piltz Jonathan jmpiltz C Jonathan's Blog Mr_88 - Open
Rawn Travis tdrawn C Travis Programming Blog BigBirdY - Open
Ren Keyan kren1 C Blog Rocky413 - Open
Repasi Paul PaulR C - - -
Robertson Justin jrobertson4 C Blog Corazu - Open
Rozhkov Dmitriy drozhkov A Blog revg OOP344 Group 2 Open
Sandhu Charanjit cssandhu B Blog Charanjit - Open
Selby Remington rselby B Blog rselby - Open
Semionova Anastasia asemionova1 A Blog Anastas1a OOP344 Group 2 Open
Seow Yip Lim ylseow C Blog YupYipYo - -
Shi Xiaozhe xshi18 A Blog Lucy_ - -
Simmalavong Niki nsimmalavong C Blog nsimmalavong - -
Smith Brandon bsmith19 C Blog TNinjas - -
So Hyunju hso3 A - hyunju - -
Soleimanloo fardad fardad.soleimanloo A My Seneca blog fardad OOP344 GroupName for project Open
Sone Adam alsone A My blog alsone - Open
Sun Dong dsun17 C Blog frank123 - Open
Tessema Iyosias istessema C Blog Iyosias - Open
Tong Wei wtong1 A Blog - - -
Tran Chi-Lea ctran13 C Blog ctran13 OOP344 Group 2 Open
Tran Victor vvtran C Blog? victran OOP344 Group 2 Open
Tsuji Trevor ttsuji1 C 2GSpot? farva -
Tychshenko Dmitriy dtychshenko A Blog Dmitriy_T OOP344 Group 2 Open
Wang ChunXia cxwang C Blog cxatseneca - Open
Wang Cong cwang84 B Blog cwang84 - Open
Wang Yu ywang268 A learn more - - Open
Xiong Feihong fxiong1 B Blog fxiong1 - Open
Xu Kai kxu9 A Kai's Blog kxu9 - Open
Xue Yong yxue11 C Blog yxue11 - Open
Zhang Shun Yao syzhang4 C Blog DownWind - Open
Zhu Zhaolong zlzhu A Blog zlzhu - Open