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OOP344 Student List for Fall of 2009

Please add your information to the table below if you are a student in oop344, fall of 2009.
If any of your blog, irc nick or group project page is not set yet, fill the cell with a "-".
Make sure you insert your information sorted, based on your last name.

Due date for this is Wednesday Sep/19/2009.

If you are creating a new page on wiki, always start the name of the page with OOP344 unless you believe the page has content that can be useful for general public.

Austerberry || Eric || erausterberry|| C || || ericausterberry || - || -
OOP344 student list
Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick Group wiki page My Contributions
Atijas Sasha satijas A Blog Sash040 - Open
Cucereavii Diana dcucereavii A - - OOP344 Group 2 -
Desautels Carl cwdesautels A Blog [Carl89] - -
Lin Michael mlin25 A School blog mk_ln - -
Papagiannidis Denny dpapagia A Denny's Seneca Blog dennyp - Open
Rozhkov Dmitriy drozhkov A Blog revg OOP344 Group 2 Open
Shi Xiaozhe xshi18 A - - - -
Soleimanloo fardad fardad.soleimanloo A My Seneca blog fardad OOP344 GroupName for project Open
Tong Wei wtong1 A - - - -
Xu Kai kxu9 A Kai's Blog kxu9 - Open
Chen David qinzhi B qinzhi Group1 of Session B open
Daniels Matthew mddaniels B - - - Open
Ferrara Brandon bferrara B [1] BrandonFerrara - Open
Galano Stefano sugalano B - Galano - -
Hong Yong yhong17 B xDerick's Blog Yong_Clicker - -
Horn David dhorn1 B Blog F1Z - Open
Kim Taehoon tkim28 B Blog Hoongoon - -
Mok Geoffrey gmok B - gmok - -
Selby Remington rselby B - rselby - -
Wang Cong cwang84 B Blog cwang84 - Open
Catibog Timothy tjcatibog C Blog tjcatibog - -
Chen Wen Fang wfchen C Gwen's Blog Gwen2009 - -
Robertson Justin jrobertson4 C - Corazu - Open
Tran Chi-Lea ctran13 C Blog - - Open
Tran Victor vvtran C Blog? victran - -
Wang ChunXia cxwang C Blog for Seneca cxatseneca - Open
Zhang Shun Yao syzhang4 C Blog DownWind - -
Smith Brandon bsmith19 C - TNinjas - -
Dell Eric eadell C Blog docsage - -