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(OOP344 Student List for Fall of 2012)
(OOP344 Student List for Fall of 2012)
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|[[User:Andre Mendes|Andre]]||Mendes||[[Hadouken|Hadouken]]||A||[mailto:amendes@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 amendes]||[[Special:Contributions/Andre Mendes|Andre Mendes]]||AndreM||andrehsmendes|| [http://andrehsmendes.wordpress.com Object Oriented Programming ]
|[[User:Andre Mendes|Andre]]||Mendes||[[Hadouken|Hadouken]]||A||[mailto:amendes@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 amendes]||[[Special:Contributions/Andre Mendes|Andre Mendes]]||AndreM||andrehsmendes|| [http://andrehsmendes.wordpress.com Object Oriented Programming ]
|[[User:Peter Chen|Peter (Xiang Qiang)]]||Chen||[[GP|GP]]||A||[mailto:xqchen3@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 xqchen3]||[[Special:Contributions/Peter Chen|Peter Chen]]||Sushii||Sushii|| [http://peter.ug/ Peter.ug... Just another blog...]
|[[User:Peter Chen|Peter]]||Chen||[[GP|GP]]||A||[mailto:localhost@localhost ---]||[[Special:Contributions/Peter Chen|Peter Chen]]||---||---|| [http://localhost ---]
|[[User:Jmarmer | James]]||Marmer||[[Alpha]]||B||[mailto:jmarmer@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 jmarmer]||[[Special:Contributions/Jmarmer | Jmarmer]]||ToraReaper||JamesM007|JamesM007||[http://jmarmer.blogspot.com/ James Blog ]
|[[User:Jmarmer | James]]||Marmer||[[Alpha]]||B||[mailto:jmarmer@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 jmarmer]||[[Special:Contributions/Jmarmer | Jmarmer]]||ToraReaper||JamesM007|JamesM007||[http://jmarmer.blogspot.com/ James Blog ]

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OOP344 | Weekly Schedule | Student List | Teams | Project | Student Resources

OOP344 Student List for Fall of 2012

Make sure you have the following done before you add your name here:

  • You have a registered name for IRC; irc.freenode.net server.
  • You have a blog for OOP344 either by filtering your posts or a dedicated blog.

Please add your information to the student list table below by adding the following to the end of table code (if you are a student in oop344, Fall of 2012).

|[[User:WUN|FN]]||LN||[[TPN|TN]]||SEC||[mailto:UserId@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 LID]||[[Special:Contributions/WUN|WUN]]||IN||GH|| [BURL|BN]

Replace the following with your own information when adding the row to the table:

  • WUN: Your Wiki User name
  • FN: Your First Name
  • LN: Your Last Name
  • TPN: Your Team Page Name on wiki (leave blank if you don't have team page yet)
  • TN: Your Team name
  • SEC: Your OOP344 Section (example: A, B or C)
  • LID: Your seneca email ID (learn id)
  • IN: Your IRC Registered Nickname
  • GH: Your GitHub ID
  • BURL: Your Blog URL
  • BN: Your Blog Title

Do Not add your row unless you have all the above information.

If your information is not added to the following line, your work and assignments will not be marked.

OOP344 - Fall of 2012 student list
First Name Last Name Team Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick GITHUB ID Blog URL
Guiwen Chen WonderCode B gchen42 Guiwen Chen chgw guiwen Guiwen's Blog
Boris Njike OOPTECH A bmnjikeleugue Boris Morel Njike Leugue Bonilerel1 Bonilerel1 Blog
Andre Mendes Hadouken A amendes Andre Mendes AndreM andrehsmendes Object Oriented Programming
Peter Chen GP A --- Peter Chen --- --- ---
James Marmer Alpha B jmarmer Jmarmer ToraReaper JamesM007 James Blog
Zhenyang Chen sive A zchen91 Zhenyang Chen crans crans Leash
Freddy Cheungh cpaCoderpz A fgcheunghchen1 Freddy Gai Fung Cheungh Chen fgcheunghchen1 fgcheunghchen1 Freddy's C++ Blog
Jeremiah Guevarra Knock-Knock!! B jrguevarra Jeremiah Reyes Guevarra jrguevarra jrguevarra Jeremiah's Blog
Marcus Gauer The Scurvy Curs A mgauer Marcus Gauer wizardsgambit Gauer Epic Adventures
Ran Li Knock-Knock!! A rli64 Ran Li ranli lynnli 22yue6
Kajanthan Tharmabalan Hadouken A ktharmabalan Kajanthan Tharmabalan C0d3z Kajan- Research C++
Peter Huang oopTech B phuang19 Peter Huang phuang peter-huang Peter Huang's Blog
Jinghui Liu oopTech B jliu164 alf jliu164 alfred2012 Alfred's Blog
Michael Wang Skynet B mmwang2 Michael Mengyuan Wang mekko MichaelMWang Michael's Blog
Yaraslau Nikifarau C Shepherd A ynikifarau ynikifarau ynikifarau ynikifarau Seneca OOP344 Yaraslau's Blog
Rocco Pietrangelo The Sixth Core A rmpietrangelo Rocco Matthew Pietrangelo rmpietrangelo rmpietrangelo oop344
Alina Shtramwasser C Shepherd A ashtramwasser1 Alina Shtramwasser Alya AlinaShtramwasser ashtramwasser
Hiroshi Takemoto GP A htakemoto Hiroshi Takemoto rostato htakemoto Magic Logic Program
Amir Mohammad Mobasseri The Sixth Core B ammobasseri ammobasseri ammobasseri ammobasseri Amir's Blog
Prasanth Vaaheeswaran N/A A pvaaheeswaran pvaaheeswaran iampv vprasanth We're All Forked
Christopher Ho N/A A csho3 csho3 csho3 Chhoris Chris's Blog
Minh Khoa Nguyen Knock-Knock!! A mknguyen2 Mknguyen2 kennguyen kennguyen Ken's Blog
Joseph Visconti cpaCoderpz B jvisconti2 TBD Visconti Joseph-Visconti OOP344
Bruno Pereira Skynet B bpereira5 Bruno Pereira bpereira bpereira5 Open Source
Seong Geun Yoon N/A A sgyoon Seong Geun Yoon sgyoon sgyoon C++ Programming
Steven (Szu-Han) Chen Code Hunters B sschen4 chensteven chensteven chensteven Steven's Blog
Jungmin Ji Alpha B jjungmin Ji Jungmin Viscaria jjungmin Hit!
Sivathanushan Easwaran Alpha B seaswaran Sivathanushan Easwaran LineCircle sivae oop344class
Shijie Sun Alpha B ssun24 Shijie Sun Shijie Sun nihao123 shijie0124
Linpei Fan WonderCode B lfan9 Linpei Fan Lilyaj lilyfan Learning Path to Software Development
Kieran Sedgwick The Scurvy Curs A ksedgwick Kieran Sedgwick ksedge ksedge k.sedge Does OOP344
Samuel Azan The Scurvy Curs B sbazan Samuel Benjamin Azan samuel-azan samuel-azan Sam OOP344
Saeid Ahankoub The Sixth Core B sahankoub Saeid Ahankoub sahankoub sahankoub C++ Blog
Jie Ming Feng (Jay) Feng WonderCode B jmfeng1 Jie Ming Feng jayfeng jayfeng Blue Jay C++
Shuming Lin Sive B slin44 Shuming Lin kevin000 kevin000 intermerdiate C++
Stanislav Yeshchenko Code Hunters B syeshchenko Stanislav Yeshchenko stan_seneca syeshchenko Stan's OOP344 blog
Xin Li sive A xzli2 Xin Zhu Li XinZhu xinzhu OOP344
Kenneth Cromarty Hadouken A kscromarty Kenneth Stewart Cromarty kscromarty mrkennc Kenn C.PGM
Andreza Rego Hadouken A abarbosarego Andreza Barbosa Rego andrezabr andrezabr Andreza Rego Blog
Gwendolyn Damaren C Shepherd A gedamaren Gwendolyn Elaine Damaren gedamaren gedamaren Gwen's C++ Blog
Diao Qiang He WonderCode A dqhe1 Diao Qiang He Antares diaoqianghe Diao Qiang He's Blog
Hye Young (Rody) Choi WonderCode B hychoi6 Hye Young Choi RodyChoi rodychoi Happy Life
Paul Magda C Shepherd A plmagda Paul Leslie Magda pmagda pmagda C Plus Paul
Gabriel Szczesniak C Shepherd A gjszczesniak Gabriel Joseph Szczesniak MrJoepeck gjszczesniak ++G
Mark Sinclair Rhys' Pieces B [1] Mark William Sinclair bgmrk bgmrk Bgmrk's Opinion On Almost Everything
Jevon Charran Rhys' Pieces B [2] Jevon Samuel Charran jscharran jscharran http://jscharran.blog.ca ]
Joshua Lane Code Hunters B jlane4 Joshua Lane jlane4 jlane4 Joshua Lane oop344
Matt Jang cpaCoderpz A mjang13 Matt Jang SoBrisk SoBrisk Matt's Blog
Junzhuo Ren sive B jren22 Junzhuo Ren vincent9527 renjunzhuo Vincent's Blog
Kanghoon Park Skynet B kpark27 Kanghoon Park kpark27 kpark27 Kang's Blog
Ali Al Dallal The Sixth Core B aaldallal1 Ali Al Dallal alihuta2002 alihuta2002 Ali's Blog
Sunny Parnami oopTech B sparnami Sunny Parnami sparnami sparnami Sunny's Blog
Soohyun Park Knock-Knock!! A spark69 Soohyun Park jessica0610 jessica0610 Jessica's Blog
Omkar Parmar OOPTECH B onparmar onparmar onparmar onparmar

C++ OOP Programming

Saro Avakian The Scurvy Curs B savakian1 savakian1 skullman saro-avakian Skullman's Blog
Wei Wang GP A wwang125 Wei Wang BigData weiwang727 Wei's Blog
Vernileo Turalba cpaCoderpz A vturalba Leo Turalba Ltur leoturalba Blogging Coderz
Youngjae Kim GP A ykim116 Youngjae Kim ykim116 YoungJae-K OOP344_YJK
Ronny Wan Alpha B rwan3 Ronny Wan ronnywann ronnywan Ronny Wan
Bo Liu Code Hunters B bliu54 Bo Liu bobliuf bobliuf Boliu's blog
Donghu Zhang Sive A dzhang50 Dong donghu donghu MaC
Matthew Torrance Skynet B mstorrance Matthew Scott Torrance mstorrance mstorrance Matt's Blog
Yun Yang Code Hunters B yyang154 Yun Yang hamumu hamumu yun's oop344
Paulo Vitor Souza Hadouken A pvbezerradesouza Paulo Vitor Bezerra de Souza Z_Vitor zvitor C+Vitor
Atieh Mohammadi Innovative Coders B amohammadi5 Atieh Mohammadi atiehm atiehm Journy Using C++
Shawnique Warren Innovative Coders B sdwarren1 Shawnique Donaree Allison Warren nique12 nique12 Nique's World
prateek chadha N/A B pchadha pchadha aviat0r pchadha prateek chadha
Dyllon Ricardo Skynet A ddricardo Dyllon Da Silva Ricardo Dyllon-R Dyllon-R Dyll's Tech Blog
Ahmad Al Dallal The Sixth Core B aaldallal Ahmad Al Dallal icanada icanada Ahmad's blog]
Tejaskumar Patel TN A trpatel8 Tejaskumar Ramanlal Patel trpatel8 trpatel8 Tejas Patel's OOP344 Blog
Carlos Conejo Carlos Omega A cjconejomolero Carlos Conejo Carlos carlosjavi3r Carlos Conejo
Svetlana Molodtsova Innovative Coders B smolodtsova@myseneca.ca Svetlana Molodtsova sveta s5molodtsova Svetlana Molodtsova
TianHang (Tim) Zhouchen Knock-Knock!! B thzhouchen Tian Hang Zhouchen thzhouchen thzhouchen Tim's OOP344
Rhys (Reese) Manning Rhys' Pieces A ramanning Rhys Antoine Manning seeplusminus rahmoses Diction Wary
Yoav Gurevich The Scurvy Curs A ygurevich Yoav Gurevich Schmagurv yoavgurevich Yoav's OOP344 Blog
Fahd Wahab GP A wfahd Fahd Wahab FahdW FahdW Fahd's C++ Blog