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(OOP344 Student List for Fall of 2012)
(OOP344 Student List for Fall of 2012)
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||B||[mailto:jliu164@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=oop344 jliu164]||[[Special:Contributions/alf | alf]]||jliu||alfred2012||[http://vortexplus.wordpress.com/category/oop344/ Alfred's Blog]
||B||[mailto:jliu164@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=oop344 jliu164]||[[Special:Contributions/alf | alf]]||jliu||alfred2012||[http://vortexplus.wordpress.com/category/oop344/ Alfred's Blog]
|[[User:Michael Mengyuan Wang|Michael]]||Wang||[[N/A|N/A]]||B||[mailto:mmwang2@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 mmwang2]||[[Special:Contributions/Michael Mengyuan Wang|Michael Mengyuan Wang]]||Mekko||MichaelMWang|| [http://mmwang2.blogspot.ca/ Michael's Blog ]

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OOP344 | Weekly Schedule | Student List | Teams | Project | Student Resources

OOP344 Student List for Fall of 2012

Make sure you have the following done before you add your name here:

  • You have a registered name for IRC; irc.freenode.net server.
  • You have a blog for OOP344 either by filtering your posts or a dedicated blog.

Please add your information to the student list table below by adding the following to the end of table code (if you are a student in oop344, Fall of 2012).

|[[User:WUN|FN]]||LN||[[TPN|TN]]||SEC||[mailto:LID@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 LID]||[[Special:Contributions/WUN|WUN]]||IN||GH|| [BURL|BN]

Replace the following with your own information when adding the row to the table:

  • WUN: Your Wiki User name
  • FN: Your First Name
  • LN: Your Last Name
  • TPN: Your Team Page Name on wiki (leave blank if you don't have team page yet)
  • TN: Your Team name
  • SEC: Your OOP344 Section (example: A, B or C)
  • LID: Your seneca email ID (learn id)
  • IN: Your IRC Registered Nickname
  • GH: Your GitHub ID
  • BURL: Your Blog URL
  • BN: Your Blog Title

Do Not add your row unless you have all the above information.

If your information is not added to the following line, your work and assignments will not be marked.

OOP344 - Fall of 2012 student list
First Name Last Name Team Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick GITHUB ID Blog URL
Andre Mendes Hadouken A amendes Andre Mendes AndreM andrehsmendes Object Oriented Programming
Peter (Xiang Qiang) Chen N/A A xqchen3 Peter Chen Sushii Sushii Peter.ug... Just another blog...
James Marmer N/A B jmarmer Jmarmer ToraReaper JamesM007 James Blog
Zhenyang Chen sive A zchen91 Zhenyang Chen crans crans Leash
Freddy Cheungh N/A A fgcheunghchen1 Freddy Gai Fung Cheungh Chen fgcheunghchen1 fgcheunghchen1 Freddy's C++ Blog
Jeremiah Guevarra Knock-Knock!! B jrguevarra Jeremiah Reyes Guevarra jrguevarra jrguevarra Jeremiah's Blog
Marcus Gauer TBD A mgauer Marcus Gauer wizardsgambit Gauer Epic Adventures
Ran Li knock-knock!! A rli64 Ran Li ranli lynnli 22yue6
Kelly Lara TBD A klara klara kmlara kmlara Occupation:student
Kajanthan Tharmabalan Hadouken A ktharmabalan Kajanthan Tharmabalan C0d3z Kajan- Research C++
Jinghui Liu B jliu164 alf jliu alfred2012 Alfred's Blog
Michael Wang N/A B mmwang2 Michael Mengyuan Wang Mekko MichaelMWang Michael's Blog