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Previous Open Source special events:

  • Fall 2010
    • Guest speakers: September 28 - Armen Zambrano Gasparnian and John Ford from the Mozilla buield team visited SBR600.
    • 9th Annual Free Software and Open Source Symposium - FSOSS 2010

  • Winter 2010
    • Guest Speaker Dennis Gilmore, Red Hat Release Engineer, Spacewalk - teleconferenced with the SBR600 on March 17, 2010 on Koji configuration. The audio recording and slides will be available soon.

  • Winter 2009
    • CDOT Open House for SCS Faculty - Wedneday, April 29
    • COE Presentations - Friday, April 24
    • Lawrence Mandel, Software Developer IBM Rational Software - Feb 24 - Topic: Eclipse Plug-in Architecture - Techniques for developing Eclipse WTP
    • Angel Vera, Eclipse WTP Project Team Committer - Feb 17 - Topic: WTP - API Concepts and Roles Server Tools Architecture; Techniques to find the source code for a specific bug
    • LUX trip to FUDConF11 - Jan 8-12, Cambridge/Boston MA (MIT) -- See text summary and video links on the FUDCon barcamp schedule

For upcoming Special Events, see the Main Page.