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  • You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with <br />on our individual profile pages.
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  • ...against two different sets of runtime setups, hoping to expose any issues with the new requirements. ...about each bug's behaviour will be recorded (e.g., fixed/improved/changed with the new ref platform). '''Bugs that are resolved by the new reference VM w
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  • * Mark Finkle - Anything to do with XUL ...n about the application, and min and max version the application will work with
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  • ...ommunity specific skills and ideas are taught. Students learn how to deal with the tools, techniques, and practices of the project and its Most pages related to hosted here can be found through here: [[:Categor
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  • <!-- Replace "Project Name" with the actual name of the project in the line above. --> ...hat library can break. This can often be remedied simply by rebuilding the broken package; in other cases, patches are required
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  • ...d its community. Second, we go deep into open web and browser development with a case study. ...d a link for yourself to the [[People]] [[Fall 2011 Open Source Students]] pages
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  • ...)''' and '''accommodation to Linux OS (various distributions) for students with special needs (like Braille devices)'''. <br><br> ...ovable hard drives and in the future semesters?''' How this be accomodated with newer CPUs at ICT labs?<br><br>
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  • ...things that might help with the first few labs. This could go hand in hand with Murray's long-term suggestion of integrating some bash scripting into the f ...lab-book semester info, update instructors and photos, testing and update links for media install, update weekly dates for notes, update professor names an
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