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DPI908/SBR600 Koji Lab

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Queueing the Build Request
=== Queueing the Build Request ===
To queue the build request on the main koji server, used for primary architecture builds (i386 , x86_64, and x86_64ARM):
# Issue the command: <code>koji build ''f18'' --scratch ''yourSRPM''</code>
#* ''f18'' (called the ''Target'') instructs koji to build the package using the packages available in the Fedora 18 distribution, and prepare it for inclusion in that distribution. '''Note:''' for versions of Fedora prior to f16, use ''dist-fXX'' where ''XX'' is the release.
** i386 (32-bit AMD/Intel)
** x86_64 (64-bit AMD/Intel)
* ARM architectures:** armv5tel (ARM architecture version 5 with "soft fp" ABI)** armv7hl (32-bit ARM architecture verison 7 with "hard fp" ABIFPU)
* s390 mainframe architectures:
** s390
** ppc (32-bit)
** ppc64 (64-bit)
* additional ARM architecture:
** armv6hl / Pidora (ARM architecture optimized for armv6 (Raspberry Pi))
=== Viewing the Build Request Status ===

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