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OPS235 Lab 1 19

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<li>Click the '''Done''' button, and click '''Accept Changes''' in the Summary of Changes dialog box to return to the installation summary screen.</li>
<li>Click '''Begin Installation ''' to proceed with the install. During the installation process, you will need to create a root password and at least one regular user account.</li>
<li>Add in your lab logbook a brief description of the term "software repository" and what its major purpose serves (what you think it does). We will not add any existing repositories since we are not currently connected to the Internet. Therefore, we will customize the repositories later.</li> <li>'''Proceed with the installation. This may take some time'''. Record in your lab log-book the <u>general</u> steps in When the installation process (displayed in the dialog box).</li> <li>When installation is complete, a screen will confirm completion, and ask the user to remove the DVD, and reboot the computer. Write in your lab log-book the time it took to perform this DVD Fedora install.</li>
<li>Remove the Fedora Installation DVD, and click '''Reboot'''.</li>
<li>When the system starts, set or accept the time and date default.</li>
<li>Create a user account for yourself using the same user ID as your learn account, and create a suitable password.</li>
<li>Normally, you would want to enable '''Network Time Protocol''', but since we will be experimenting with the networking turned off in later labs, '''leave it disabled'''.</li>
<li> Click on '''Do Not Send Hardware Profile'''.</li>
<li>Finish the post-installation customization, wait for the login screen to appear, and then login to your computer account and your created (i.e. your name).</li>
<li>Proceed to Investigation 2</li>

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