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Setup HTML5 Client Development Environment
# Create a working branch: ''git checkout -b yourbranchname upstream/html5-bridge''
# Push your local working branch to SenecaCDOT-BigBlueButton (your origin): git push -u origin yourbranchname
==== HTML5 Client Development References====
Javascript in the browser/client:
(!) Basics:
(!) Basics:
(!) Selectors:
(!) Changing elements:
More: and
(!) MVC:
(!) The items in the “Beginner” section are all important (at least the first aspects in their pages):
Example of a simple TODO list application in backbone:
(!) A tutorial:
(!) You can paste your javascript code in the “Try Coffeescript” section in and see them converted to coffeescript
(!) Coffeescript video tutorials:
Coffeescript + Backbone.js examples:
Backbone.js + Require.js:
Javascript in the node.js server:
(!) Hello World:
(!) A basic HTTP server:
(!) Basics, a first example of a server:
Another guide for beginners with more details:
Lots of links to other guides:
A very fast guide showing how it works:
(!) Good tutorial showing why and how is used:
==Research Progress==