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Project R0.1 20131- OOP344

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|Can anyone explain me the 4.23 and 4.24 and 5 from cio_test? 4.23: Escape when IsTextEditor=0, hit HOME key, then 'a' 'b' 'c' and then ESCAPE to test. It seems no keys should work in this test.. I think 5 am not sure 4.23 is to check if readonly and istexteditor works.about ReadOnly. 4. 24 works fine but i do not really know why! LOL ||
|Does ReadOnly if statement work like ESCAPE key ? (Store the string in another variable and replace it). ? And, how do you guys initialize the global variable for CIO_TABSIZE ? Do I need to specify the link in console.h file as well? (What I did was.. unsigned int CIO_TABSIZE=4 in console.cpp).: D || unsigned int CIO_TABSIZE = 4; in console.cpp and extern unsigned int CIO_TABSIZE; in console.h <hr /> ReadOnly does not work like the ESCAPE key in non text editior mode. It should prevent the user from making any modifications on str. For example: when the user presses the DEL key in Read only mode, it should not remove the character that is currently on the cursor. Instead the function should return DEL and do nothing to str. -- yhwong6

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