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'''Kamen Tarpomanov''' is a student at [ Seneca College (School of Information & communication Technology)] currently in his 3rd 5th semester of the CPA Computer Programming and Analysis Coop program.
== Current Projects ==
*Working with a team to create a text editor using C++ and SVN.
== Past Projects ==
*Working with a team to create a text editor using C++ and SVN.
*Created an ISBN reader/validator using C++.
== Technical Skills Learned ==
*C, C++, C#*CASP.NET
*SQL*, SQL*Plus
== Courses Taken ==
*[[OOP344|Object Oriented Programming II Using C++]]
*[ Introduction to Object Oriented Programming]
*[ Introduction to Programming Using C]
*[ Internet III - Web Programming on Windows]
*[ Internet II - Web Programming on UNIX]
*[ Internet 1 - Internet Fundamentals]
*[ Database Design II and SQL using Oracle]
*[ Introduction to Database Design and SQL]
*[ Data Communications Networks]
*[ Analysis and Design using OO Models]
*[ Requirements Gathering using OO Models]
*[ iSERIES Business Computing]
*[ Introduction to Operating Systems Using Windows]
*[ Introduction to Unix/Linux and the Internet]
*[ Business Report Wric

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