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Delta debugging framework

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Project Description
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[ Delta debugging] is an automated approach to debugging that isolates failures systematically. Given a failing test that can be mechanically verified (including a browser crash), [ delta debugging] is a way of automatically isolating the change that introduced the failure. Having  For developers, the occurrence of a framework in place scenario similar to pull builds from CVSthis happens all too often: a developer codes a piece of functionality that works. Then, over a period of time, bisect by date multiple changes to the program source files are made and change set (using [http://enthat piece of functionality stops working. The cause of the regression could be any of the changes that were made since the time the functionality was last known to work. To isolate the cause of the regression, the developer begins the debugging process.wikipediaGenerally, debugging is a manual process where the developer must walk through the code while trying to keep track of variables and function bonsai ] data -- rememberSure, there are debuggers that can help you keep track of variables, the call stack, watch certain blocks of code, and execute the code step by step, however debugging is still mainly a manual process. Written in perl, given# that the source code is located in an SVN repository (support for CVS doesn't have changesets!in the future), and report results would let computers make developers more productive# a test case that can automatically verify whether or not a piece of functionality of a program works or not# a way to automatically build the program from the source code (if needed)the delta debugging framework aims to automatically isolate the failure-inducing changes to the source code that caused a regression.
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