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Hello world==Developing the HTML5 Client for BigBlueButton== Our aim in this iteration of our collaboration with BlindSide Networks is to develop a Flash-free, iOS compatible implementation of BigBlueButton. The first step in this is to develop a "bare-bones", non-presenter client that can still communicate with the existing Flash application. This requires the in-depth process of researching alternatives to Red5, the Flash Event structure, and the existing methods of streaming audio and video. ==Research Progress=====Replacing Red5===So far, our research has indicated that the best replacement for the Red5 server would be [http://jwebsocket. Content org/ jWebSocket]. Red5 synchronizes all clients in a meeting by using the SharedObject class, which is essentially a form of socket. By instructing jWebSocket on which Red5 SharedObject to listen to and mimic, the HTML5 client should be able to comejoin a meeting in the same manner as the Flash client.