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<s>[ Bug 705234]</s><br/>
<s>[ Bug 620164]</s><br/>
<s>[ Bug 500784]</s><br/>
* <s>[ Bug 708553] Hovered element state is not relinquished when entering and exiting fullscreen mode. Requires digging into how Firefox manages event state for :hover.</s>
* <s>[ Bug 500784] Video/audio files over 2^31 bytes in length are unseekable. We'd need changes made to the nsMediaCache to support 64bit file sizes, along with changes to the nsBuiltinDecoderReader-subclass seek implementations. We care more about seeking in large WebM files rather than in Ogg files, i.e. don't go to the trouble of changing the Ogg seeking code, that'll be painful! We can file a follow up for that work.</s>
* <s>[ Bug 714071] The Show Statistics setting is not preserved when toggling the full screen mode. Fullscreen and <video> in one bug! Your students will love this one! I have no idea why this is happening, maybe they won't love it.</s>

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