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<td>[ 686370] [ Bug 702161] [ Bug 708814]</td>
* [ Bug 711839] ---disable-ogg configure option breaks build after [ bug 689834]
* [<s> Bug 702161] videocontrols.xml has anonymous function event listeners that are added but never removed</s>
* [ Bug 704326] Standalone audio files should have an intrinsic size so they don't look awkward
* [ Bug 715141] Using keyboard to switch zoom level when viewing images directly
* <s>[ Bug 708814] Should fade out videocontrols even if there's no mouse movement Video controls, all in Javascript, I'm keen to see this one done.</s>
* [ Bug 516811] "load" events for poster image loads bubble out (Fix should be similar to that for bug 715469, but may involve some C++ level DOM manipulation)