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Distcc With MSVC

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Product Documentation
= Product Documentation =
In keeping with the true open-source philosophytradition, this documentation will be incomplete and in sub-standard quality.
== Current Status ==
* distcc seems to be distributing, but something is not working on the server side which is causing distcc to fallback to localhost. This problem has not been solved as of Dec 7, 2006.
* Some of the Test Cases may be incorrect. Neither Tom nor Cesar have extensive experience in CL options. So it may not distribute when it should, or it may distribute when it shouldn't.
== How to get distcc to compile use cl ==
Tom and Cesar created this patch keeping backwards compatibility in mind. You should be able to still use distcc to compile your c programs if you wish. But if you applied the patch, you probably want to do more than that.
Firstly, the environment variables for distributing with cl is different. '''DISTCC_HOSTS''' is still valid for gcc, but cl will be looking for '''DISCC_CL_HOSTS''' instead. In fact, that is the only thing it looks for. Unlike gcc, cl will not look for ~/.distcc directory. This might be implemented later on.
Secondly, masquerade mode works only for gcc. If you want want to use cl, you must explicitly say so (distcc cl hello.c). If you are using gnu make, you must also explictly tell it to use cl as well (eg using CC, CXX, etc).
== Maintainer-check ==
''NOTE :: If you run the checks, please check your processes (ps aux, or the task manager) for leaked distcc/distccd programs. We will fix this ASAP''
You may ignore this section if you installed Microsoft's CL in the default C:\ directory and your tests work fine.
In order to properly run the tests, you <u>may</u> need to make a few changes. The '''PATH''' variable is reinitalized when the test cases are run. Normally, the tests ''will'' fail when they try the cl tests. This is because PATH does not look for the cl executable and the libraries. Tom and Cesar have made certain assemptions when extending the include path, and included these following paths :
/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/VC/bin
/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/Common7/IDE
If it is different for your machine, you need to find these in the or Makefile and change them to your settings.
== Extending the program ==

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