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GAM666/DPS901 Mesocricetus

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== Repository ==
=== Repo ID ===
=== Trunk Status ===
|visibility frustum logic
|Add logic to framework to only render what the camera sees
|XInput| '''DONE'''|Add support for XBox controller using XInput.|-|<del>alternative maze generation</del>
|<del>Allow maze to be generated via a text file, or generation seed string</del>
|<del>Improve on 3D sound</del>
|<del>Add echoes i.e. collision with objects</del>
|<del>Obstacles (physical)</del>
|<del>This will be things likes blocks in the maze, holes, doors, etc.</del>
| <del> Models</del>
|<del>Import models for the obstacles, breadcrumbs, or others.|-| XInput| '''DONE'''|Add support for XBox controller using XInput.</del>

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