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Goose Hunt 3D
= Goose Hunt 3D =
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== Project Marking Percentage ==
== Repository ==
=== Repo ID: svn:// ===
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The outskirts of the map are created so as to have a place to create the geese where the player won't just see them appear. The hunting grounds will have walls going up very high made out of brick or something of that sort. We will add an artificial sky above. Where the geese come out of is a gate like object that will open, release the geese, then close again.
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== Controls ==
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'''Mouse 1:''' Fire
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== Challenges ==
* Accurate Collision.
* Fast paced and fun game-play that stays true to its roots.
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== Instructors Comments ==
* need your grade breakdown - group - individual (done)* no meeting scheduled as yet (will email group)* no map (done draft)* I can only assume that you know what you are doing and don't need any guidance(we already met and planned this as a group)
* nothing on the repository yet