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Fall 2011 0.1 Release

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Release Info
|Raymond Hung
|[ Blog Post]
|Added the ability to loop audio in gladius. Also created a simple demo page that has rain sounds looping.
|,|Adding Pause to a video element(t308)Note: Several commits were made for this release under 1.0. Just added two links|,
|Joseph Hughes
|Sergiu Ecob
|Added implementations and comments to Gladius.Math
| &|-|Roman Hotin|rhotin|||fixing mouse dragging in canvas||-|Michelle Mendoza|mendozamiche|[]||Add manifest data to parsers and players|[ Ticket #554]|-|Jordan Raffoul|jbraffoul|||Created a simple chat application in the browser using WebSockets (nodejs|[ Ticket #48]|-|Keyan Ren|KeyR||[ tries]|working on subtitle control panel, but not finish||-|Omid Najari Moghadam|onajarimoghadam|||working on paladin issue #39 (sound loop) but not finish yet|Issue #39|-|Denise Rigato|drigato|||Rdio plugin for Popcorn||-|Jesse Silver|JSilver999|||Fixed the test suite to also work when doing "make test" in Gladius.|