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  =Lab 2 OSGI Tutorial=
After downloading the “Eclipse classic” from then proceed with the following steps to create Chat Program with OSGi.
1 ==Create the Chat Interface==
The first step is to create the Chat Interface which is the Service Provider in the Program. This defines and provides the services available and the requirements and outcomes for those services.
1.1 ===Define the service interface===
a) Create a new Plug-in Project
c) Be sure to uncheck the “Generate an activator” option as you will not be needing an activator then go ahead and click finish.
1.2 ===Create the bundle with the interface===
a) You must now create three interfaces: IChatClient, IChatSystem and IMessage
b) Fill the interfaces with the following information:
1.3 ===Export the Package - ===To register our service we must export the package into the interface bundle
a) Select the MANIFEST.MF