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Teams Winter 2011/team1/RCP/Create configuration

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=== Create a new configuration for your Application ===
To create a product we need a product configuration. The configuration is used for exporting and creating your application.
[[ImageFile: pic1Pic1.jpg | 400px]]<br/>
Right click on your project and select 'New' -> 'Product Configuration'
[[ImageFile: pic2Pic2.jpg | 400px]]<br/>
Give your product configuration file a name. In our case will be 'cs.ecl.simpleRCP.product'
[[ImageFile: pic3Pic3.jpg | 400px]]<br/>
Open the file we just created and select the 'Overview' tab. Lets fill in the same names for our configuration.
[[ImageFile: pic4Pic4.jpg | 400px]]<br/>
Press 'New' in the 'Product Definition' part and select the application of your plugin 'cs.ecl.simpleRCP.product'.
[[ImageFile: pic5Pic5.jpg gif | 400px]]<br/>
Now our product definition should be filled out.
=== Dependencies ===
For our example we will use a product definition based on plugins and not features.
[[ImageFile: pic6Pic6.jpg | 400px]]<br/>
Switch to the 'Dependencies' Tab and select 'Add'. Select the plugin 'cs.ecl.simpleRCP.product'. Press 'Add Required Plug-ins' and save.
[[ImageFile: pic7Pic7.jpg | 400px]]<br/>
=== Launching our product ===
In the overview tab press synchronize and then press 'Launch an Eclipse application'. Synchronize will align your product configuration with the launch configuration.
[[File: Pic8.jpg | 400px]]<br/>
In order to customize your splash screen you may do so in the 'Splash' tab of your configuration file.
You can also customize your launch arguments in the 'Launch' tab. Here you can specify the name of the application and the icon which should be used. Make sure the location of the icons is correctly maintained otherwise Eclipse will not use these icons.[[ImageFile: pic8Pic9.jpg | 400px]]<br/>

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