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Android Concepts

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Android Architecture
Key principles
'''1. Linux Kernel''' - proven driver model, memory and process management, etc. (a all the core service services of a reliable operating system)
'''2. Libraries''' (written in C/C++)
3.2 Dalvik Virtual Machine runs '''dex files''' (bytecodes efficient for small processors)
'''4. Application Framework'''written completely in Java Programming Language {| class="wikitable" border="1"! Application !! Functionality|-| '''Activity Manager''' || life cycle of an application - common back stack|-| Package Manager || keeps track the applications installed of the device|-| Window Manager || an abstraction layer on top of surface manager|-| Telephony Manager || Api for telephony applications|-| '''Content Providers''' || application framework that allow applications to share data|-| Resource Manager || used to store localized layouts, strings, bitmaps, etc.|-| View System || building blogs of the UI, handles the event dispacher, drawing, etc.|-| Notification Manager || anables apps to recognize and display common alerts in the status bar||}