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BlackBerry : Develop Simple Apps

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The sample application provides both a server-side application that you can use to send content to a BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator or BlackBerry device and a client-side application that listens for pushed content on aBlackBerry device.
=== Media Keys ===
The sample application highlights the use of the MediaBehaviourControl interface, which enables a MIDlet to act as a media player. For more information about monitoring media key-press events using the BlackBerry Java® API, see the Multimedia Development Guide.
=== Notification ===
[ Overview]
'''The notifications sample application demonstrates how to define, start, and stop notification events''' on aBlackBerry® device. Notifications include either hardware-driven notifications (such as a flashing LED light, a vibration, or a tone), software UI driven notifications, (such as a dialog box), or both.
The sample application demonstrates how to register the application as a notifications event provider with theBlackBerry® device, how to define what notification events are started when the event occurs, and how to start and stop the notification.
=== Picture scroll field ===
[ Overview]
'''The picture scroll field sample application demonstrates how to create and customize a row of images and how the users can scroll through on their screens'''. You can specify different highlight styles and turn the center lens on and off to demonstrate different configurations of a PictureScrollField object. If you click an image, the sample application displays a simple message.
=== Screen Transitions ===
[ Overview]
'''The screen transitions sample application demonstrates how to create custom transitions between two screens using the TransitionContext class.'''
The sample application demonstrates the following animations for transitioning between screens:
* slide
* fade
* wipe
* zoom
=== Send Media ===
[ Overview]
The send media sample application demonstrates how to register an application as a content handler for any supported image or video file types on the BlackBerry® device.
When a user turns on the BlackBerry device, the sample application registers itself as a content handler for the following content types:
* image/bmp
* image/png
* video/jpeg
* video/3gpp
* video/mp4
When you view a file that is any of the preceding content types in the camera application or video camera application on the BlackBerry device, or if you click a file that is any of the preceding content types in the media application, a menu item, Send to demo app, becomes available. When you click this menu item, the sample application opens the picture or video file.

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