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Procedure to add UI Elements to Application
| [[File:13bb.png|left|600px]] || '''[ Dialog]'''
Provides a dialog box with predefined configurations.
To get a standard, predefined dialog use
* ''Dialog.alert(java.lang.String)''
** This method creates an alert dialog typically used to notify the user of an event or some important information. The dialog uses a exclamation mark bitmap.
* ''Dialog.ask(int)''
** This method creates a standard inquiry dialog. The dialog uses a question mark bitmap.Creates a standard inquiry dialog.
* ''Dialog.inform(java.lang.String). ''
** Creates a notification dialog with the specified message. This method creates a notification dialog displaying the specified message. The dialog uses the "information" bitmap.
These pop up a predefined dialog and wait for user input. To get a more customized dialog, instantiate this class or extend it.