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Project News
== Project News ==
*Implemented original video onto canvas
*Implemented cartoon effect
*Implemented green screen effect
*Implemented flip effect
*Setup GIT Hub repository
*Implemented negative effect
*Implemented interlaced effect
*Released Candy version 0.1'''November:'''*Added 'data-apply-effect'attribute to the <video>*Modularize source code in Candy.js library*Dynamically change brightness level*Dynamically change green screen background*Dynamically change videos effects*Released Candy version 0.12'''December:'''*Implemented Color Filter*Implemented Emboss Effect*Implemented Blur Effect*Implemented Tilt-Shift Effect*Implemented Disperse Effect*Implemented Modulate Effect*Implemented Pixelate Effect*Implemented Pointillize Effect*Released Candy version 0.3

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