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== Project Name ==
Sample Project -- This is a template only!Candy.js
== Project Description ==
Description should be no longer than a paragraph. Include links Various projects using video on the web need to any relevant oncreate innovative and non-line resources. For standard effects to transform the video, for example, http://googleapplying filters, altering the video, using 2D and 3D effects, etc. This project will create a library that provides some commonly needed effects ( or [http://developer, colour filters, tilt shifting, etc.mozilla).org MDC]This project will overlap and support the HTML5/Video Comic Book project.
== Project Leader(s) ==
Name(s) of primary people working on the project. If you want to join a project as leaderProject Leader: Kenneth PangilinanContacts: Brett Gaylor, discuss with other leaders first. Include links to personal pages within wikiScott Downe, Anna Sobiepanek, Dave Humphrey
== Project Contributor(s) ==
Name(s) of people casually working on the project, or who have contributed significant help. Include links to personal pages within wikiN/A
NOTE: only Project Leader(s) should add names here. You '''can’t''' add your own name to the Contributor list.
== Project Details ==
== Project News ==
This is where your regular updates will go. In these you should discuss the status or your work, your interactions with other members of the community (e.g., Seneca and Mozilla), problems you have encountered, etc.*Implemented original video onto canvas*Implemented cartoon effect*Implemented grayscale effect*Implemented sepia effect*Implemented green screen effect*Implemented flip effect*Setup GIT Hub repository*Implemented negative effect*Implemented interlaced effectPut detailed technical information into the Project Details page (i.e., update it as you go), and save this section for news about participation in the project*Released Candy version 0.1