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= Team Members =
{| class="wikitable sortable" border="1" cellpadding="5"! First Name !! Last Name !!Team !! Section !! Seneca Id !! wiki id !! IRC nick !! Blog URL|-|[[User:dkarp | Dale]]||Karp||[[Team H Project Dev Page 20103 - OOP344|team.h]]||C||[ dkarp]||[[Special:Contributions/dkarp | dkarp]]||daleee||[ Dale's Blog]|-|[[User:dslessarev | Daniel]]||Slessarev||[[Team H Project Dev Page 20103 - OOP344|team.h]]||C||[ dslessarev]||[[Special:Contributions/dslessarev | dslessarev]]||danielSays||[ Daniel's Blog]|-|[[User:chu7 | Carey]]||Hu||[[Team H Project Dev Page 20103 - OOP344 |team.h]]||C||[ chu7]||[[Special:Contributions/chu7 |chu7]]||chu7||[ Carey's Blog]|-|[[User:fardad | Fardad]]||Soleimanloo||[[Team H Project Dev Page 20103 - OOP344 |team.h]]||C||[ fardad]||[[Special:Contributions/fardad |fardad]]||fardad||[ Fardad's Blog]|-|} = General Info =* Team Repo(svn:oop344_103rep8)* Best team evar! *[ IRC Meeting Logs] = Trunk Status =* Last committed by: Dale on Nov. 28 @ 5:09pm* Current status: Free to commit. = Task Distribution === To Do ==* <s>'''FWBorder (Dale)'''</s> (Complete)* <s>'''FWField (Carey)'''</s> (Complete)* <s>'''FWLabel'''</s> (Complete)* <s>'''FWDialog'''</s> <s>(Complete)<u/s>(needs debugging)*: try running Test3DialogAndLineEdit.cpp and walk through int FWDialog :: editfrom (int index).* <s>'''FWLineEdit'''</s> (Coding complete, waiting to be tested after completion of Dialog)* <s>'''FWButton'''</s> (Complete)* <s>'''FWCheck'''</s> (In Progress)* <s>'''FWValEdit'''</s> (In Progress)* <s>'''FWText'''</s> (In Progress) == Team Tasks ===== Dale ===* <s>FWBorder (by November 19th 2010)</s> (Completed November 18th)* <s>FWLabel</s> (Completed November 22nd)* <s>FWButton</s> (Completed November 28th)* <s>FWValEdit</s> (Completed November 29th) === Daniel ===* <s>Update wiki</s>* <s>Help Dale with FWBorder</s>* <s>FWDialog</s> === Carey ===* <s>FWField</s> (Completed November 19th 2010)* FWCheck* FWText === Fardad ===* FWLineEdit*: done but not tested, pending completion of FWDialog*: fixed minor problem with FWLabel and setting the '''_length''' (check svn logs)*: fixed problem with '''operator<<''' methods in FWDialog (check svn logs)*: completed FWLineedit, but could not test it since FWDialog::edit, FWDialog:: editform is buggy. I tried to fix it but the problem is not minor. there is logic problem with edit() and editform, please review and let me know. == Progress == * September 24 2010: Initial trunk for I/O library committed. (dkarp)* October 16 2010: Prj.02 Linux testing complete. (dslessarev)* October 17 2010: Prj.02 Windows (VC++ and Borland C++) testing complete. (dkarp)* November 18th 2010: Completed FWBorder class (dkarp)* November 22nd 2010: Completed FWLabel class (dkarp)* November 24th 2010: Completed FWDialog class (dslessarev)* November 25th 2010: Completed FWLineEdit class, not tested yet(fardad)* November 28th 2010: Completed FWButton class (dkarp) == Completed Tasks =====Phase 1 - Testing of Simple Functions</u>===
dkarp - Borland C++ <br />
<u>===Phase 2 - Complex Functions</u>===
dkarp - iol_display(..), iol_edit(..) [Finish and optimize] <br />
<u>===Phase 2 - Debugging</u>===
#define DO_01 - Xs in Corner(Passed)
#define DO_02 - Testing Keys(Passed)
#define DO_03 - iol_display(Passed)
#define DO_04 - iol_displayflag(Passed)
#define DO_05- iol_displayMenuItem (Passed)#define DO_06- iol_flag(Passed)#define DO_07- iol_flag(Passed)#define DO_08- iol_menuItem (Passed)#define DO_09- iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0901- iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0902- iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0903 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0904 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0905 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0906 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0907 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0908 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0909 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0910 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0911 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0912 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0913 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0914 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0915 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0916 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0917 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0918 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0919 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0920 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0921 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0922 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0923 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_0924 - iol_edit (Passed)#define DO_10 == Progress == * September 24 2010: Initial trunk for I/O library committed. - iol_edit (dkarpPassed)