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Weekly Schedule 20103 - OOP344C

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To Do
* If not done already, complete week 1 To Do '''NOW'''.
* Finalize and confirm your teams of 3 (or 4 with Fardad's permission): [[Initial Team Assignments 20103 - OOP344]] '''due Wed Sep 15 12:00 noon'''.
* Create svn directories for your '''development root''' under branches in your project repository (your team svn account) '''due Mon Sep 13 20 12:00 noon'''* Create test directories under your '''development root''' '''due Mon Sep 13 20 12:00 noon'''
: note: ''use your seneca email id as root of your development branch''
* Add C text files to your repo's testdir and exercise Checkout, update, commit, etc... on it. '''due Mon Sep 13 20 12:00 noon'''
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