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OOP344 - Success - 20102

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== Message board ==
Hey members of team Success,
The assignment is actually really simple. The purpose is that everyone has to commits a piece of code. Since there are ten simple functions, therefore everyone pick 2 functions and commit it to the project. Just remember for each function you pick, it has to done for all platform. The solutions for the functions for any platform are found in Fardad’s repo. I also prepared a table in project development page on our team page for you to identify which functions you are committing. I also prepared a skeleton of iof.c in trunk, so you can just fill in the blanks, compile it, and then commit it. Once everyone has committed a piece of code, then we’ll move on from there.
Jason Quan
[[File:SuccessKey.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Success is the Key]]

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