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A Team IRC meeting

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Created and edited the fourth meeting minutes.
''How'': For our team, there are supposed 8 text files (9 including Fardad) with team member names on them, in case they have somthing to say.
== The fourth meeting ==
There are three topic in this meeting:
* Default arguments in C++.
For function like :
foo(int a=10, double d=2.34, char c='z');
When we call this function as foo();foo(1);foo(1,3.4); foo(2,344,34,'a')
The first one all the args will be set to default values, and you can only miss from the end and nothing from middle.
The second one only the double and char;
The third one only char;
the last one no default value will be used.
* About the project
* Encapsulate the biof functions into object oriented classes.
* trunk/Prj will OpText trunk(Optext is the name of the text editor of project)
* Check link:
* The io_fields are things like:
1. Lable: to show a text;
2. LineEditor: to edit a string;
3. CheckBoxList: to select one or many option from several choices;
4. TextEdit: to edit a text(series of strings)
5. FileSelect: to display the names of the files in current dir and let the user to select one.
... ...
* We may group these io_fields into some kind of "Forms" to accomplish certain goal.
1. A form to save a file;
2. A form to ask a question(messagebox);
3. A form to Edit a text(OpText);
... ...
these froms displayed on the screen with many io_fields, which will be at the properly position.
* BFrame has row,col, for its top-left coordinates respectively, and also will have width and height to keep track of its size.
The frame should be able to have th option of showing the border.
Check detail with link:
* Task assigned.
Check detail with link:

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