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OPS235 Lab 2 - Fedora17

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Investigation 3: What is a runlevel?
* <code>/etc/rc.d/init.d</code> is a directory of scripts.
In order to determine which of the startup scripts should be executed in each runlevel, the one directory ** Note not all distributions use per runlevel is created (<code>/etc/rc.d/rc'''X'''.d</code>, where '''X''' is the same runlevel configurations). Debian and Ubuntu based distro's are differentThis directory is filled with symbolic links to the startup scripts in <code>/etc/rc.d/init.d</code>
# To find out the value of the runlevel your GNU/Linux system goes into after boot, enter the command: <code>grep initdefault /etc/inittab</code>
=== Investigation 4: What is the network configuration?===
# To check the network configuration settings obtained from the DHCP server, run the following commands, describing the output in your log book:
#* <code>ifconfig</code>#* <code>route</code>#* <code>netstat -rn</code>#* <code>nslookup </code> (at the > prompt, enter the word "server" (do not type the quotes) and record the output. Type exit to leave nslookup).
# Find the following information in the output of the above commands:
#* MAC address (physical or hardware address) of the ethernet network interface
Answer the Investigation 4 question.
=== Investigation 5: How do You Secure the Grub Boot Loader? ===