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=Kezhong Liang=
In my opinion, I think the General Query Log is important for us to keep track. It records the information of each client creating connection and close with timestamps. It even records the situation of each client query. It contains more detail information than others.
=Varinder Singh=
'''Security Measure'''
#Use MySQL's internal SSL support to make the connection even more secure.Alternatively, use SSH to get an encrypted TCP/IP connection between a MySQL server and a MySQL client.
'''To make a MySQL system secure, you should strongly consider the following suggestions:'''
Require all MySQL accounts to have a password. A client program does not necessarily know
the identity of the person running it. It is common for client/server applications that the user
can specify any user name to the client program. For example, anyone can use the mysql program
to connect as any other person simply by invoking it as mysql -u other_user db_name if other_user
has no password. If all accounts have a password, connecting using another user's account becomes much more difficult.
Never run the MySQL server as the Unix root user. This is extremely dangerous, because any user with the FILE privilege is able to cause the server to create files as root (for example, ~root/.bashrc). To prevent this, mysqld refuses to run as root unless that is specified explicitly using the --user=root option.