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Func - Yumcmd Module

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[[User:vsjhand|Varinder Singh]]
==Project Description==
Project is extension of func module yumcmd.The yumcmd module is currently able to check updates and update the minions.So more functionality is being added to this mosule e.g. insatll & remove packages.
==Project News==
November 8th. Create a new func test module named mytest. Copied new created test module in to /modules directory. Lord is shwoing newly created module on minion in list of modules. But i am unable access the methods inside the modeule. Means Not working yet.Trying to find out why.
Nov 8th: Good news! .'sayhello' method in module is working.
November 10: Method install is added to module but not working yet. Trying ..
December 5th: The release v0.3 has been released. The method install() is working fine outside "func".But having some issues of Public Key/Signatures issues with in "func".Communtiy is helping to sort out the problem.
Project Code
[ Project Code]

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