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'''About Me:''' My name is Scott Lunel and I'm currently enrolled in the OSD600 course for the 2008 fall semester. I'm also taking GAM666 and GUI546 as my professional options. My primary programming interests are currently game programming and web design. I hope to get a job related to one of those fields once I graduate from CPA.
'''Programming Knowledge:''' Apart from being in my 5th semester in the CPA program, I've managed to make great use of my time over the summer expanding my programming knowledge, despite still being an amateur.
Throughout the summer I write a web application under C# .NET for CSA International. This website's intended functionality was to install network printers for users, display all network printers currently installed for that user, and remove any network printer at the discretion of the user. Currently, I am still working for this company every Monday to fine tune and polish this internal web application.
During my time off work, I decided to dive into DirectX programming. I managed to go over the basics of Direct Input, Vertices, Textures, Lightning, Model Importing, and Camera Positioning/Rotation. I plan on continuing to improve my 3d programming capability on my off time and through the GAM666 course.
'''Why I Chose OSD600:''' Being able to work with others on major projects is a huge asset. I decided I wanted to take part in Open Source simply because it helps improve that skill. I also feel that I'll be able to find a project that interests me, and I can make it a constant activity. I find that if I don't find something I am really interested in and continue to work on it and improve myself, everything that I've learned at Seneca will have gone to waste. From my own personal experience, programming is like a muscle. Unless you flex it every so often, your ability to program diminishes.
'''My Blog''': [ My Blog]