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Tutorial10: Shell Scripting - Part 1

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Creating & Executing Shell Scripts
===Creating & Executing Shell Scripts===
It is recommended to '''plan''' out on a piece of paper the purpose of the shell script.<br>You can do this by creating a simple '''IPSO''' diagram (stands for '''INPUT''', '''PROCESSING''', '''STORAGE''', '''OUTPUT''').<br> First, list the INPUTS into the script (eg. prompting user for data, reading data from file, etc), then listing the expected OUTPUTS from the script.<br>Finally, you can listing the steps to process the INPUT to provide the OUTPUT (including file storage).<br>In the case, you start with the diagram, then generate a list of steps that will help you code your shell script.
Once you have planned your shell script by listing the sequence of steps in your script, you need to create a file that will contain your Linux commands.