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|'''Lecture Notes:'''
*Installing Virtual Machines: [ web] [ pdf]
|[[OPS235 Lab 2|Lab 2: Creating Nested VMs - Investigation 1 and 2Using Virtual Machines]]
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|'''Week 4:'''<br>Sep 23-29
*Managing Virtual Machines: [ web] [ pdf]
*Bash Shell Scripting (part2): [ web] [ pdf]
|[[OPS235 Lab 2#INVESTIGATION 3: MANAGING VIRTUAL MACHINES (KVM)|Lab 2: Managing VMs - Investigation 3]]
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|'''Week 5:'''<br>Sep 30-Oct 6
|'''Week 9:'''<br>Nov 4-10
|'''Using LVM'''
*Using Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
*Creating Shell Scripts to Flag Low Disk Space
|'''Lecture Notes:'''