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Enterprise Hyperscale Lab

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Equipment Detail
Cabinet 1 is equipped with a 15" 4:3 LCD monitor, bolted to a 4u blanking panel. This display is driven by a Raspberry Pi, and can be used to show educational information about the rack, current system status information, or diagnostic data.
<!-- === Calxeda/Boston Viridis ARM System ===
32-bit ARM compute is provided by a Calxeda Energy Core ECX-1000 system from Boston Limited. There are three installed "Energy Cards", each with 4 ECX-1000 nodes, which each have a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor and a small (Cortex-M) ARM management processor. This system runs the [[Pidora]] build system (except for the Koji hub and web nodes).-->
=== 64-Bit ARM Compute ===
The EHL has over 100 cores of ARM64 compute, provided by a number of computers from multiple vendors. These computers provide a build system and testing platforms for [ the LEAP project], software optimization, and applied research on ARM64 systems.
== Funding ==

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