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SRT210 Assignment1

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Part 3: Report (10 marks)
# What you had to do to set everything up (most important are the networking, routing, and firewall configurations). Screenshots of the configuration files are acceptable, however, the screenshot must be readable. If the font is too small (less than 12 pt) or the screenshot is blurry, you will lose marks. You may take multiple screenshots of a long configuration file provided they show the previous few lines to show continuation. Ideally, it is best (and probably fastest) to use scp to get the configurations out of the VMs and append them into your report.
# Describe any challenges you ran into and how you solved them.
# Screenshots are required for this part of the reportproof that your setup works. Each screenshot must:
#: * Clearly be labelled the test you are proving (for example: Connect to http://lin1a2.yourmysenecaid.ops from c7host).
#: * Show the interaction between c7host (or lin2) in a readable (12 pt) font.

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