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Investigation 1: Installing Ansible on Your Host Machine
==Investigation 1: Installing Ansible on Your Host Machine==
*Install the Ansible package on your host machine.
*Clone three new VMs from your ''blank'' template VM and assign them unused static IPs.
*Add your new VMs to your host DNS as: '''ansible1, ansible2, ansible3'''
*Install the Ansible package on '''ansible1'''.*Create an SSH key-pair for the '''root user on your hostansible1''' and install its public key to your other two VMs' root accounts. Ensure that you can use it to SSH to root on your VMs without entering a password.*Modify the inventory file on your host to include the fully qualified domain names of your VMs'''ansible2''' and '''ansible3'''.*Use the '''setup module''' to verify that your Ansible host ansible1 can run plays on your VMs.
==Investigation 2: Creating an Ansible Playbook==