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OPS435 Python Lab 1

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PART 2 - Setting up Your Python Environment For Labs
::You will be required to use a text editor in order to create and modify your Python scripts. There are many text editors that provide various features to become more comfortable and productive during your Python coding sessions.
::Below is a listing of several common text editors and their features.
<blockquote style="margin-left:35px;">{{Admon/tip|style="padding-left:25px"|Selecting an Appropriate Text Editor|'''Vim''' (recommended text editor for labs)<br>vim is a powerful text editor for system administration and programming tasks. All of the shortcuts and commands you've learned over the years will help you edit programs efficiently. <br><br>'''Geany'''<br>A simple graphical text editor for developers. Is available in the CentOS repositories.<br><br>'''Atom'''<br>This text editor is easy to use and contains powerful tools that comes with everything needed to program and customize the environment.<br><br>'''Sublime'''<br>Another powerful and popular text editor designed for programming. Is not open source.}}</blockquote>
<ol><li value=6" style="margin-left:25px;">Installing vim(Vi IMproved) will give us syntax highlighting and allow for advanced customization for terminal editing.<br>Issue the following command to either install vim or confirm that it has already been installed:<source>yum install vim-common vim-enhanced # Install vim </source></li><li style="margin-left:25px;"> '''Python pip''' is a package manager specifically for Python. While it is usually not recommended to install software outside of '''dnf''' or '''yum''', sometimes the only way to get a specific or latest version will be through pip:<source>
yum install python-pip # Install python2.7 pip
yum install python34-pip # Install python3.4 pip
<blockquote style="margin-left:35px;">{{Admon/tip|What is a Git?| '''Git''' refers to a '''version control system''' that allows you to track any changes made to files and programs. Our primary use for git in this course will be for backup onto to the internet. Check out '''bitbucket''' for a free private code repository.}}</blockquote>
<ol><li value="98" style="margin-left:25px;">IPython will be one of the tools we will use the most. Lets install it. You will learn more about it in the next section:<source>
yum install python-ipython # Install ipython for python2.7
pip3.4 install ipython # Install ipython for python3.4

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