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OPS435 Python Lab 1

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<blockquote style="margin-left:35px;">{{Admon/important|style="padding-left:25px"|Unit Evaluation Scripts|Each '''Part''' (within an 'Investigation) is referred to as a '''Unit'''. Each Unit will require that the student download and run a '''Unit Evaluation Script''', which can be used to look at a student's Python scripts that was created in order to provide "real-time feedback".<br>This feedback is not considered to be perfect or fool-proof; however, it may provide feedback (hints) in case a student gets stuck or experiences an error when running thier Python scripts. These unit evaluation scripts can also be used to confirm that the student's Python script is on the right track, and provide a consist record of their Python scripting progress throughout their labs.}}</blockquote>
<ol><li value="2" style="margin-left:25px;">Issue the following commands in order to setup, download and run the first unit evaluation script:<br><br><source>
mkdir -p ~/ops435/lab1/
cd ~/ops435/lab1/