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Console Class - OOP344 20121

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Help Needed
*Is anyone having the issue where after Test 10, the general test, once it's over and the console asks "Did everything work correctly?", no matter what key you hit, it simply crashes? I have never seen any message saying I've passed all tests or even to keep trying. I pass all tests but the final question, doesn't seem to take my answer. It just displays a 30 near the top area. To recreate what I'm saying, try pressing any other key other than "Y" when you're asked a question. That action is exactly what I'm getting. -- adsantokhi 6:58PM Feb 01.
**Yes, I'm stuck with the same problem and all the other tests passed fine. Just hope it's not the same with the final tester so we can actually submit. -- ktarpomanov 7:16 Feb 01
** please update the cio_test (v0.92) and the final one still not there yet... we have to wait for fardad to update the test for submission!! -- Sezar 7:28 01 Feb 2012
**I'm using v0.92. Still getting this problem. --adsantokhi 7:46PM Feb 01.
*is anyone else having problems compiling on matrix? something about "cio_test.cpp:792: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char" and a billion similar errors on different lines? --apetrus 10:30PM Feb 01
**Those are just warnings for cio_test it's not on your end. It compiles fine just type a.out to run the compiled exe. --ktarpomanov 10:41 Feb 01
** Now it's telling me something about "The row and column of the terminal must be maximum of 30 by 100". Has anyone experienced this problem? Works fine on visual studio -- apetrus 11:35PM Feb 01
***You have to change the buffer size to be a width of 100 and height of 30. Are you sure this is matrix and not on your local pc binary created by borland? Right click on the top of the window (window header) and select properties. From there go to the layout tab and change the "Screen Buffer Size" accordingly. --btulchinsky 23:41 Feb 01