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GAM531/DPS931 Project Requirements 20167

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Potential Enhancements
= Potential Enhancements =
Each group must do a different enhancement, please put your name beside an enhancement if you'd like to claim it.
[Click here for enhancement options]
*<s></s>View Frustum Culling - RawpiJoodMerko
*<s></s> Scene Object Ordering
*<s></s>Stock Geometry Creation
*<s></s>Planar Collision Detection
*<s></s>Spherical Collision Detection
*<s></s>Scene Persistence
*<s></s>Binary resource storage and loading
*<s></s>Anti-aliasing - LaserKim
*<s></s>AI Pathing System
*<s></s>Terrain Generation
*<s></s>Box Collision
*<s></s>Binary Resource Format (2/3) and LOD Calculator (1/3)
(More will be added)