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HTML5 Client
With mobile devices dropping Flash support, and HTML5 rising to replace Flash on the web, we are looking into adapting BigBlueButton to an HTML5 and JavaScript application. The first step in this is to develop an HTML5 client that can participate in an existing meeting (where the presenter is using the Flash client) at the most basic level. As of autumn 2014, the only core component missing is the video module. This is because, as of yet, there is no suitable WebRTC based video streaming media server (see above for more details).
In the summer of 20142016, Danny Perrone, a co-op student Matthew Marangoni, Laily Ajellu, Oleksandr Zhurbenko, and Jaeeun Cho, students from Seneca, along with with Anton Georgiev, a co-op student from Carleton university working at Blindside Networks in Ottawa, rewrote the existing HTML5 client, moving it over to the [ Meteor.js] framework.
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=====HTML5 Client and React=====
React is an MVC framework for Javacsript that seamlessly and quickly updates your web app as soon as a change is made to it. How? It "diffs the return value from the previous call to render with the new one, and generates a minimal set of changes to be applied to the DOM".
Read here to find out more about React's features:
Find the official docs for React here:
=====Developing the Mobile Client=====